Haiti Rooftop Food and Water Harvesting Gardens, Delmas, Haiti

Haiti is a country devastated by poverty and the lack of natural resources. Shortages of food, shelter and drinking water plague the resilient people of the small Caribbean country. Little of the billions of dollars that poured into the country following the 2010 earthquake actually helped where it was needed, the streets. Since 2012, we have partnered with a medical mission group in Doylestown Pennsylvania and a Catholic mission in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Our mission is to serve, not supply. We brought our skills and knowledge to design and help build rooftop gardens for growing food and harvesting rain water. With the help of locals, we have installed two rooftop gardens and conducted numerous education sessions with neighboring community members to help them extend these gardens to other homes. The ultimate goal, re-green all of urban Haiti one rooftop at a time.